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Services: Pipes Repaired and Replaced
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Pipes Repaired and Replaced
Mako Plumbing and Heating pride themselves on being experts in diagnosing leaks at your home or business. We will identify all your problem spots, and then let you know what all your possible options are. We also provide you with a detailed estimate for our services. Mako Plumbing understands that everyone values their hard earned money, so Mako Plumbing will always work with you to give you the best value. Mako Plumbing gets the job done right the first time at an economical price that is never more then what the job should be charged for.

You should always repair broken pipes immediately!!!

When your home or business has pipes that are leaking, they can potentially create a ticking time bomb causing serious water damage allowing the development of harmful mold spores. The longer these problems go unaddressed, the more significant the damage can be over time.
Mako Plumbing’s advice is if you find a broken pipe; turn off the source of water immediately to minimize the amount of water loss. The function of a pipe is to direct all kinds of fluid or gas from one place to another be it water, sewage, steam, or oil. Damage resulting from broken pipes can be widespread and extremely costly; increasing as the size and the rate of flow of the broken pipes grows.

Controlling Leaks:
Water leaks, especially in the toilet, account for a lot of wasted water. Check your plumbing system for leaks at least twice a year, and repair every one you find, regardless of its size. Pinhole leaks can waste thousands of gallons of water each year – that’s really money down the drain!


Mako is a full service plumbing company that
specializes in fixing leaks in water supplies and drains. We are ready to attend to any of your plumbing needs.

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