Mako Plumbing and Heating, Inc. Fully Licensed and Insured Plumbing Service for Nassau County and Queens. Located in Lynbrook Long Island New York  

Toilets Urinals Bidets:
Everyone uses a toilet. Every house and occupied building has at least one. Toilets are the sole reason for the prevention of plagues and epidemics. Toilets, urinals and bidets are how we all stay civilized and sanitary.
Our top technicians and all mechanics are practice in the repair and/or replacement of most makes and models of toilets, urinals and bidets. Be it residential or commercial applications, we can service and/or replace the maturity of sanitation fixtures.
Many businesses, franchised or privately owned have used our services successfully to maintain their restrooms. Almost all of our residential customers count on us to keep their homes sanitary and trouble free. Old or new, we have the experience to keep that china, porcelain, or cast iron fixture performing properly and effectively.

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Mako is a full service plumbing company that
specializes in fixing leaks in water supplies and drains. We are ready to attend to any of your plumbing needs.
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Mako Plumbing and Heating, Incorporated 2013™ Fully Licensed and Insured Plumbing Service covering Nassau County, Queens, New York