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Low Water Pressure:
Is your shower spray weak when a toilet is flushed? Does it scold or get too hot to stand in? Low/inadequate water pressure and diminished volume is a common occurrence with houses over 30 years old. These rectifiable conditions can be easily remedied by Mako Plumbing. We have increased house and building pressure for dozens of our clients with little repiping having to be done.
30+ year old valves and meter assemblies can be extremely restrictive due to old/out of date fittings and components. Water pressure is now evenly distributed throughout all municipalities and areas within the urban/suburban grids. If you have low or not good enough pressure in any of your household/building plumbing fixtures, we can help and remedy your annoyances.
Sometimes all it takes is one of our highly qualified mechanics to spend as little as a ½ hour to restore lost pressure to a shower, faucet or toilet.

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Mako is a full service plumbing company that
specializes in fixing leaks in water supplies and drains. We are ready to attend to any of your plumbing needs.
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